floor registers and vents

From historic restoration to new construction, good design never goes out of style! We've recently added some new designs in the turn of the century collection, as well as additional sizes in the stunning Sunset Boulevard style. Take a few minutes to check them out...you'll be glad you did. Since you asked: we are located in Spokane, Washington, which is pacific time.
craftsman style
mission style
summit style
Historic cast iron heat registers
Opera grilles
Unity cast iron collection

Turn of the century collection
Turner collection
Sunset Boulevard style
Warehouse Industrial style

rustic mountain motif
pacific style craftsman motif
solid cast bronze
University style
Tuxedo collection
Black Tie solid granite

California Mission Collection

geometric wood registers for wall or ceiling
    geometric flush mount
eggcrate style heat registers
Rickenbacker style registers
Danish Modern

toe-kick registers, Rickenbacker style
baseboard units
Quick ship wood air vents

Olympia louvered grilles
eggcrate style wood cold air returns

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Floor Registers and vents

Floor Registers are us! You just might feel like a kid in a toy store when you start viewing our massive array of floor registers in almost infinite sizes. Fashioned from scores of metals, which include nickel, cast iron, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum and more, our vents have durability to match nearly every need! We also have a floor register style for every taste.

If you are looking for something exceptional please check out our recently introduced line of baseboard registers that come complete with an airflow regulator out of sturdy powder coated steel in the Signal Hill design. These show stopping beauties come in a vast array of sizes.

The floor registers constructed of woods range from styles, such as the egg crate, which are appropriate for historic preservation, to the more conventional Rickenbacker style. The list of woods we use is so extensive, it has it's own special page.  Some of the standard woods that we have include white oak, red oak, birch, ash, maple, hickory, birch, white pine, or southern yellow pine, At a reasonable additional charge we offer floor registers in exotic woods such as cherry, walnut, genuine mahogany, red birch, bamboo, teak, plus quarter sawn red or white oak.

Probably the most important step you can do before ordering you floor register is to correctly measure, whether it is wood or metal. The measurements refer to the size of the duct opening in your floor, ceiling, or wall. For instance, if your opening in the floor, the hole, measures 6 inches by 10 inches the vent that you order is 6 by 10. The overall dimensions will be somewhat larger, because of the lip. This also keeps it from falling through the hole in the floor. When glancing at our vents, you might also want to review our great array of cold air returns.

What do you do if you just happened to cut the wrong size hole in the floor or wall? First of all don't panic, calmly pick up the phone and give us a call. We do lots of custom work and most certainly we can help you out with one of our custom size wood vents. Air vents can be made for your particular need in a custom size. This most often is needed for cold air returns. The classic looking egg crate style that you see in so many older homes from 100 years ago is a very common cold air return. 

We have very many affordable standard and custom sizes also, so please call us with your unusual situation, we can probably help. The ornate Victorian style registers, the tasteful mission styles, all are worth viewing. Spend some time viewing some of the intricate close up pictures, you give a pretty accurate picture of what it is that you will be getting.

One might expect such quality units as these to cost an arm and a leg, but we think that you will be happy with the many affordable floor registers that we have. Click on some of the link and take a look at the many, many floor registers that we have to choose from. You won't be disappointed!!

Lastly, if you look the looks of the eggcrate style grilles you should definitely head over to www.CraftsmanDoorbells.com and check out the doorbells that are highly complementary.